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Kirei girl dal... Cairo

We all start blogging for different reasons. One day you find yourself searching interesting blogs and suddenly you are catched by Sara's words.
She's one of a kind.
She's Egyptian.
She's wonderful.
Reading her is sometimes better than a theraphy... you can believe there is something better out there. And I really hope her dream will become true one day.

Continue reading if you want to know more... if you are not hypnotized by her eyes or smile before. :)

Name, age / current location - Sara, 22. Cairo, Egypt.

Job, studies or present/ future projects? - I currently work as a program specialist at a local NGO concerned with community youth development, I have studied economics at Cairo University and I have just started my Masters degree in Economics in International development at the American University in Cairo. No, I am not a nerd :D only a geek!
(picture of the beautiful cairo university campus- part of it, it's a huge place!

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Famous question... why did you start bloggin? - I started blogging because I felt the need to document my day to day life, for future reference and I also thought that maybe someone out there would be interested in what I have to share!

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You said you have family from America (am I wrong?) and UK... have you been in those places? which one do you love the most and why? :) - I do have family in the US and the UK- I loved going to London for all the history and museums and etc...I have been to both really, also, in London I have the cousins, but then again you get to shop at all the cheaper places in the US!

Share a special place with us - from your city or anywhere you've been and want to share with us! - I have to favourite places in Cairo, Zamalek which is an island in the Nile, and a place very close to where I live called Korba, which is actually the oldest place in my neighbourhood.
( links of Korba photos: and korba is where I hang out almost everyday!

actually I found a picture of the cafe! It's next door to thomas cook:

and felukas in Zamalek (

I couldn't find pictures that represent zamalek to me really..

A happy memory you have and want to share with us? - My little brother's first day of school...I got him ready and took him to school. I am fourteen years older than my brother Saeed (his name literally means happy) and we are so much alike! He's my best friend :)

Image Hosted by
Sara with two friends... they all share the name!

Favourite book? why is it special to you? - The Unbearable Lightness of being, because it's more like a philosophy to me...Milan Kundera fascinates me really! Also, another book by an Egyptian author who writes in English: Ahdaf Soueif- called The Map of Love, this book is special to me for so many reasons, but I basically look up to the author because I have always wanted to write books.

I love your way of thinking, where do you get inspiration from? - I LOVE YOU! I just felt like saying that because you are being so nice to me! I think everything around me inspires fact, I am surrounded by a lot of beauty and for that I am thankful..

A dream - To write a book and to make a change or leave an impact. I want to be remembered for caring.

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Favourite artist/band & song from them-why do you love them so much? - wow that's a tough question! I have a very diverse taste in music! I'll try to narrow them down..

Kiss me- six pence non the richer, because I've always liked it.
Sick cycle carousel- Lifehouse, because it reminds me of the last time I saw my grandfather
A lot of Michael Buble songs because his voice makes me happy.
She had the world- Panic at the disco, because that song almost describes me.
What a wonderful world- Louis Armstrong- it cheers me up!

Can you share with us a dish you love from egypt? - First let me tell you that Egyptians LOVE food!! I think of the dishes authentic to Egypt is Kushari, which is a mix of lentils, pasta and rice (I cook it without the pasta, I'll post a recipe soon!) and red sauce...
Also, foul (broad beans, slow cooked) there are so many ways to cook that! I found this very interesting link for you (

If you ever happen to read my blog... what would you add to it? (don't mind to critisize! ;))
- hmm, I think you should show more of the amazing person you are!
In terms of experiences and everything!

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Thank you Sara for answering my questions and always being so nice. You already know what I think of you so there's no need to write so many things here lol. You are a really special and unique being. :)

If you want to visit her, you can do it here:
One Long Road
I'm sure she'll be one of your favourites. :)

Wish you all a lovely week!


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  1. what an incredible girl, and SO pretty too

  2. Dios mío de El Cairo! Es guapísma!
    Un besito :)

  3. Muchas gracias!
    Ya había pensado hacerlo, si a la gente le gustaba la idea, y veo que sí, lo cual me alegra muchisimo:) Haré un diseño final e intentare hacer unas cuantas camisetas y venderlas estaría genial. Me haría mucha ilusión ver a la gente con una creación mía.
    Por cierto, guapísima esta chica. Y encima de El Cairo, con lo que adoro Egipto...
    Un bacio bella!


  4. Interesante! Me encanta descubrir cositas nuevas por internet! Besos!

  5. es una ciudad interesantísima...una ciudad para volver cada año pues su cambio y evolución es bestial...te encantará...besetesssssss

  6. Hola guapa!! me alegro q te guste el sushi! sin duda iriamos a comer sushi! jeje
    No sabia q se hacian quedadas de bloggeras, estoy muy aislada o soy muy novata :S

  7. I wish I could understand the other comments! haha

    Thank you Iris!! I love you! I really do xx

  8. Gracias por la pasada.
    Me encantó tu blog!
    voy a volver en cualquier momento.. :)

  9. Very interesting... I love reading blogs from different parts of the world.

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    Another great BOTW post, Iris!! Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


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  13. She's such a gorgeous girl and I love love how she answered every question loved the last photo of her <3

    Yayyyy for us having the same tights,do show them soon yea !

  14. I adore Sara!
    and I lovelovelove your blog :)

  15. She's beautiful in every way.... i know it for a fact :)
    Thanks for this Iris


  16. This was a great interview. She is very interesting! I always love getting to know people. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. So interesting this interwiew..and so sweet! She's really georgeous

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