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Stephanie Williams (inside Ruche's photography) interview

I'm really so glad to post this interview as it's the first one I've done to a photographer (yay!) and I really admire her work. Some of you probably recognise some pics from Ruche lookbooks (I decided to post only Ruche pictures in this post - and will post some wedding pictures in the future)... I still remember when I first saw the pics in the Ruche website and I fell in love with them. I couldn't stop looking at them, their beautiful light and I had to know who helped to make that!
Well, if you keep on reading you'll know some things about the photographer of those wonderful pics! Hope you like it!


- Where are you from & live? / age.
I’m currently 28, and I was born and still live in sunny Orange County, California.

- Since when are you a photographer?
I’ve been interested in photography since I was in high school, and I’ve been photographing professionally for 5 years.



- Stephanie, is it you and your husband Isaac who work together for this proyect. Can you please tell us, do both of you take the pics or do you make different things?
My husband Isaac and I photograph weddings together as a team and work together in our office editing photos, answering e-mails and all the day to day studio work. For fashion and editorial work, I shoot while Isaac assists.

- Which camera (+lenses) do you use?
I shoot with a Canon 5D mark II and Contax 645 for film shots. We shoot with a variety of lenses, but my favorite is the 80mm 1.2


- "Liz + Michael engagement" & "Ruche early spring" have the same location (it's in other sessions too!). For which session did you know that place first? Other people saw it after that and asked you to make pics there or was it your choice?
We are always on the lookout for places to shoot… constantly scouting! We knew of this place and once the persimmons were almost at their peak, we planned several shoots before they harvested the persimmons.

- Do the couples choose the locations, wear the props, etc., or is it you who tell them?
Our couples usually ask us to pick the location. They’ll let us know if they want to bring any props and they choose what clothes to wear.



- What is your dream job?
Shooting for Anthropologie or J.Crew.

- Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! By looking through fashion magazines, taking a walk in nature, watching films with stunning cinematography, looking at textures and colors…inspiration is really all around us once we start looking and dreaming.


- What do you think it's the most important thing to take into account in a photography?
The light is most important in photography!

- Your favourite photographer.
Tim Walker.

- Best advice you have received.
Find a way to make a living by doing what you love.



All pics by: Stephanie Williams (for Ruche): blog / twitter.

Thank you Stephanie for being so nice and giving me the oportunity to make this little interview!

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  1. Joder, que maravilla de fotos, me encantan...



  2. Wow! que maravilla de fotos, y los estilismos también son muy buenos, me han encantado.


  3. Cuanto artista hay por el mundo, no conocía a Stephanie Williams pero a partir de ahora seguiré de ceca su trabajo, gracias por descubrirmelo!

  4. Siempre que veo las fotografias de Ruche me quedo fascinada, me encantan tengo muchas guardadas en mi carpeta de inspiracion.

  5. Qué pasada de fotos! Sobre todo me ha gustado la de la chica con el conejo y la de las mariposas... La luz que consigue captar es muy especial. ;)

  6. Qué pasada de entrevista!!! bueno, qué pasada de fotos y de todo, me ha encantado su lema, me parece una forma super positiva de vivir y de aprovechar el tiempo. además me voy a apuntar eso de que su objetivo favorito es el 80mm 1.2, investigaré!!! un bso guapa y gracias por este post!

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  8. Qué bonitas fotos! Me ha gustado mucho la entrevista =)

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    Un besito ~


  10. Que post tan bonito :D y la entrevista a Laia está genial!!

  11. What a wonderful interview - I absolutely love Ruche and the photographer sounds amazing!


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