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Some things about me

I read this in Monica's Gimmi Smoothies so I'm doing it. She said this:
"one of the rules said that i should tag 10 other blog. but it's okie to break the rules sometimes, no? i would love to tag many many blogs. so, anyone wanna do this tag? you're tagged by me. yes, you :]".

And so I do! :-)
this award requires the blogger to list 7 interesting things about theirself and then pass the award on to 7 other "kreativ bloggers". it's kinda funny that the last tagged i got required me to tag another 6 bloggers. what next? 8 maybe lol. i love tagging and being tagged tho. it's so fun.

I think that as I am a newbie here and only wrote a little until now, I'd better write this even if no one tagged me.

So, these are 7 boring interesting things about myself :

1. Being redhead and Spanish at the same time is not very common, but I never really thought about it years ago. Well yes, only when some stupid boy teased me, so I love & hate my hair at the same time. Some years ago I hated it and wanted to dry it because I didn't want to be different, I just wanted to be a typical Spanish girl. Then I realised I really didn't have many things in common (even in personality) with some of that Spanish girls I wanted to look like before so I started to appreciate my hair for being different & unique. And it's difference that makes us special.

2. I have 2 nieces (beautiful little girls) that are 3 and 4 & a half years old (from 2 different sis). When they were born, I can say I knew what was happiness. I've always be the "little girl" of the family and I'm always playing with them. They mean EVERYTHING to me.

3. My boyfriend is Italian. He's from Turin (in Italian "Torino"), a city about an hour and a half from Milan. We met last August in Dublin (both of us were working there thanks to a "scholarship"). Yes, I live a lot more than 1000 km far from my boy. But we are so in love♥.

4. I started to study @ University Translation and Interpreting with 3 languages: English, French and Japanese as an optative (yeah studied Japanese for a year and a half, and I remember very few things (yeah... chotto!), but watashi wa nihongo ga suki desu! What I really loved in those years was that we also studied the culture (&history) of that countries (in English, French, etc), and I loved to read English literature and study some of the history & culture of the US and Great Britain (&little bit of Ireland too) with "short" texts (from James Joyce to Hemingway, Faulkner, Virginia Woolf, Fitzgerald, George Orwell, etc). I loved Japanese Culture too, I think Asian cultures are so different to us that you can learn, not only about them & their wonderful surprises, but a lot about yourself studying them too. :-)

5. I didn't finish Translation but then studied International Trade, which I finished this year.
From March to June I had my internship and now I am working in the same company (of f*a*s*h*i*o*n, I don't work in design or something like that (sorry but my work is not that funny & interesting =]), but I lovelovelove to be surrounded by inspiring people (and love my work but I hate the peaks of work, and that means: summer & December for the new Seasons... believe me... REALLY STRESSING!).

6. I have true friends in such different countries as Mexico, Italy, US, Venezuela, Belgium, Germany, Canada, even if I've only visited Italy & Ireland. Yes I think I'm quite international. I would love to travel to all of them, and I would if it I had the money (but as you can imagine, I haven't, lol).

7. I think everybody has something good in their soul, and can teach you something. (Ok and then, some people just do not have soul, and "they teach" you how you do not want to be). I agree with the thought: "treat others the way you want to be treated".

Now, I'm not going to tag anyone on this. 1) It's 0:19 and I have to go to work at 6:30-7. 2) I have seen so many amazing blogs I can't choose yet. 3) A beautiful girl has given me a funny award an I will tag some people on it soon! :-) PS. Feel free to do it if you want!

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  1. Loved the post! I too am a tad Asian obsessed. I so wanted to learn Japanese that I started to self-teach me. Your hair is just adorable, and it's great to be unique!


  2. I know exactly what you mean on being a red-head. Some days I love it, some days I despise it xD
    You and your boyfriend look very sweet together also :)

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog, I never expected such nice and sweet comment - so thanks again! I'd love to be your friend - you written neatly and I enjoy reading your posts, plus, you're such a beauty. And try to remeber what this means: Hontou ni - anata wa kawai, kireina ona! Atashi mo anata no tomodachi ni naritai :)
    (Yey! I'm learning japanese too! ^^)

    I never know anyone from Madrid before and I'm so excited to have one like you. We can talk a lot about many things, I guess. I'll keep following your blog too - looking forward to read your posts again. Stay in touch!

  4. I definetly agree on #7! Some people are so great while others aren't and you just pray you never become anything like them. You and your boyfriend make a great couple and you have gorgeous hair!

  5. Me encanta que seas pelirroja y española!!! Tu novio es de Torino??? conozco a un montón d gente d allí, pero aún no he visitado la ciudad!!! Pareces una chica súper interesante, y m ncanta eso d q studies japonés, yo mpecé con chino hace 3 años pero puedo decir tranquilamente que no sé hacer una frase sin dudar. spero que sigas muuuuuucho tiempo por aquí!

  6. wow..u learned french? i'm actually learning it too, et je dois l'apprend parce qu'il y a un examen demain :'(
    i made the skirt by myself, so my friend design it for me and i bought the material and bring it to the tailor
    and for the shoes,they were a hand-made shoes,made by an indonesian girl,u can take a look here:

    it took 4-5weeks tho,that's why i'm so over excited when they're being deliverd to my home..:)

  7. i am also a lonely redhead in portugal haha

    and my boyfriend also lives farfar away (he's english!)

    i used to live in barcelona when i was 18, and i knew 3 spanish girls with italian boyfriends haha you girls have a thing for the italians^^


  8. hello :]
    i dont mind at all, in fach i'm happy there's someone reading my blog and do my tag. so thanks you a lots.

    3 languages? wow. i learn french years ago. but i gave up. i even already confused by english haha

  9. I'm glad you've kept your red hair...I love red hair but was not born with it (even though it runs in my family!).
    Nihongo musukashi, desu ne?

  10. Thanks for your comment.:)
    Franz Ferdinand was great on Saturday, it was the best Band at this Day I've seen. I'm not from near Munich, I'm from near Freiburg but I'm often by a friend in Munich. Greetings, Tabea

  11. i may be bias because i love red heads but i think thats so unique being Spanish and having red hair you still have those great Spanish features but beautiful red hair to go along with it lol . i saw a little girl her whole family was tan with jet black hair they were spanish and she had red hair she was so freckin cute!

  12. yo tambien soy pelirroja y española!! y, si, me hablan en ingles los guiris por la calle...

    me encanta tu estilo :)

  13. Hola Marina! Qué pena que no tengas blog para poder contestarte alli, ni siquiera sé si vas a leer mi respuesta. :)
    Me ha hecho ilusión tu comentario, parece mentira pero creo que entre los pelirrojos nos entendemos bien;)
    Si quieres estar en contacto escríbeme un email!


  14. La de antes era yo, que no me he dado cuenta y he entrado con otra cuenta. :)


Thanks for all your comments - I appreciate them all. :)