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In the middle of...


“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.”
Paulo Coelho.

Pics are in Galicia, northwest of Spain, this week-end

I'm so sorry I don't have the time to comment your blogs, I'll answer all of you asap... I wish I could have the time, believe me! (I don't have holidays... and work is high peak now!). :-(


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  1. lovely dress ^^! great photos!

  2. your such a beauty darling and you appear to have such a beautiful outlook on life.

  3. wow that place looks amazing , you look so pretty in that cute little dress

  4. Those are gorgeous pictures.

  5. i agree with Maggie,gorgeous pictures! and as always you look amazing with those checkers little dress. i noticed that you were quoting Paolo Coelho, i love his book also. ive read the alchemist,veronica decides to die,the 5th mountain,by the river piedra i sat down and wept,the devil and miss prym, and now i'm reading Brida..gosh, first it was your ability in learning languages, and then your outfits, and then your kindness of giving me award,and then your scholarship,and now paolo coelho,you're truly an inspiration :)
    hope you're doing fine with your work :)

  6. gUAPA!!!
    muchisimas gracias!:)
    que ilusion! claro que puedes "seguirme" de echo me ha gustado tanto tu blog que yo tb te "seguire" a ti!jajjajaja

    las fotos son preciosas!

  7. I know the feeling- busy, busy, busy. In response to your comment on my blog, yes Paris was amazing and you should definitely visit it, as well as London.

  8. i love the dress, and the sweet little bow hair clips! =)

  9. hello dear!
    these pictures are fantastic, good job!
    and of course i don't mind you following my blog, i love yours so much, i'm going to follow it as well!
    take care. xxo.

  10. You have magificent hair! And he is a very cool Beetle :)

  11. oh i love that quote and those photos are amazing! thank you for your sweet comment on the post today! if you have any free time you should definitely send me your love story! im having so much fun with this project and im sure everyone woudl love to hear it! :) xoxo

  12. Lovely quote!

    You look so sweet and I love your hair in the sunlight:)

  13. hi, i stumbled upon your blog today and i have to say i love your pictures, they're all so summer-y :). That Coelho's quote is beautiful too. His writings are really inspiring, aren't they?

  14. hey, thanks for visiting my blog! i'm so glad that i found yours too. you have such lovely photos! very inspiring. <3

  15. i gave you the "newly discovered blog" award in my latest blog entry! <3

  16. Que fotos más bonitas!!! preciosas!! aunque yo te diria que en configuracion del diseño cambiaras el color del borde y lo pusieras blanco... ves que alrededor de la foto se te ve un borde finito...?? pues si lo configuras en blanco ya no se te verá y lucirá mucho más la foto.
    Vamos, si tu quieres claro..! jaja aj a lomejor a ti ya te gusta así... es solo una idea..!


  17. Qué fotos más lindas! me encanta tu esilo!
    Un besito guapa :)

  18. Beautiful photos and such a lovely quote too :)
    I love the little bows in your hair too, adorable!

  19. Beautiful photos!!! Kisses!
    Paula (GALA PADILLA)

  20. beautiful pictures! That dress is lovely

  21. Que fotos tan bonitas, y que bonito Galicia!

    Un beso!

  22. Lovely pictures. I wish I was there.

  23. I love this post! The pictures are magical.

    Please come and visit my blog I think you will like it.

    I would love to know what you think

  24. wow...the pics are amazing!i´m in love with the place!you look really pretty!!!




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