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Nomada Market - independent designers in Madrid

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Nomada Market was born in 2oo5 with the aim of supporting new talents of independent design.
Since then XIII editions have been celebrated, first they were celebrated twice a year and thanks to the success it was having, they are celebrating it 4 times a year now.

Nomada Market is one of the most important markets in Madrid, with hundreds of national and international designers taking part on it. It's more than an alternative market, it's a funny and warm place to share and enjoy in good company, as well as to make contact with other shops and designers.

They want this event to open a new way to art and the world of independent design where all the artists could share and let others know their creative and unique product.

Nomada Market will take part in Madrid the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of October. If you want to participate as a designer or client, don't forget to visit their website to know more about it.

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I hope I can go there as a client and tell you my favourite designs! I've seen a lot of wonderful designers are going so I can't wait! Actually, one of my favs is going. :)

εїз ↔ εїз ↔ εїз

And maybe this will be my outfit for tomorrow:

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Belt is from my mother (from many years ago... when she was like my age!) and dress from ZARA's sales. Sorry for the bad pics.
Well and as you can see yesterday I bought my ticket for James Morrison's concert in Madrid in October!

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  1. seems like a good store :) lovely outfit !

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  3. A mi me gusta pereza *_* Sí, y james morrison tambien! pasatelo bien en el concierto:)

  4. hey dear!

    Thank you so much for the comment! I would love to meet up in Milan;) I already left my stuff in Milan, now I am having holiday at home, but coming back to Italy the 14th September! Would be really awesome to meet fashion blogger from another country, anyway for me it's simply awesome to meet new people;-D so, let's stay in touch! I will add your blog to my links so I will not any new post of yours:)

    mil besos !

  5. Oo that market looks like a lot of fun! Please do share some fashion "trends" you see! I love your outfit too.. maybe you can help me out with putting together outfits since I'm only good with a nice top and jeans :p

    sorry about the last comment.. made a mistake :p

  6. The belt is soo cute and it can match with just about anything!

  7. that market sounds great. I wish we had something like that here

  8. I love the belt! My friend will be in Madird then, maybe I should get her to check it out for me!!x

  9. Qué bien, pues esperamos que también te pases a saludarnos cuando vengas al Nómada :) me gusta tu outfit y... esa entrada!!

    besos y gracias

  10. che bel look! adoro il colore dei tuoi capelli!

  11. Love your outfit and your blog x

    For all things fashion:

  12. I adore james morrison! lucky you! and I reeally like the belt, the buckle is so unusual.

  13. What a lovely outfit! It's perfectly put together :)

  14. i think its a great look for the event ../
    thank so much for the comment .. hopefully i get my keds soon

  15. What a lovely outfit and the market looks so good! :)

    Thank you to for the lovely comment! :)
    Wow! Are you really coming to London?! Are you coming over a weekend? If you did feel like it, we could meet up on a day? Really don't worry if not :) It was just an idea :)

    Have a lovely Saturday! :)

    ~ Kirsty x

  16. Hola! muchas gracias por la reseña de la feria!! espero conocerte allí, ya te enviaré la invitación para bloggers!!! Te debo un mail, no me olvido, es que estoy en NY!

  17. Creo que no me lo quiero perder, asi que igual nos vemos por alli

    Un beso!

  18. super cool blog . nice to find yours.
    it's nice to know you . hehe . by the way, please add my twitter . issyemargaretha . thanks :)

  19. Gorgeous outfit!!
    I love James Morrison, his voice is so soothing and hot. You are so lucky going to his concert :)

  20. Darlingggggggg...gracias por tu visita pues así pude descubrirte...
    ahhhhhh! adoro tu color de piel, tu pelo...ainsss me encanta de verdad!

    Eres una bendita si te has leido 20 post...hahaha! menos mal q los últimos no escribo mucho...hahaha! angelica míaaaaaa

    Uff ya te darás cuenta q lo mío con Italia roza la obsesión...tengo a los q hay a mi alrededor agotaos...hahaha!

    Voy a leer tranquilita tu blog y ponerme al día...ya tienes una fiel seguidora...

    baci vediamo

  21. Aw, you are so cute! Also, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment - I'm truly flattered :)

  22. im so jelaous not living in madrid!!!!


    xxx G&L

  23. Hola guapa, muchísimas gracias por tu comentario. Me gusta el cinturón que llevas de colorines.
    Pues me gustan mucho los idiomas aunque seguro que cometo un montón de errores en las traducciones del blog... Y este año empiezo 1º de italiano pero yo no hago la prueba de nivel porque nunca di italiano, voy a 1º directamente. besos!!!

  24. The outfit is lovely, and I'm obsessed with that belt! I want one (:


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