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2o1o is about to start, something new, something different, but with the same essence.

(Lo stesso msg è in Italiano dopo il post in inglese e la foto).
2oo9... is a year I will never forget. I finished my studies & got my first real job (studies related) in a period where recession is just everywhere. When one of my sisters with an almost 5 year-old girl and many years of experience doesn't get a job because of that. I've been (and I am) in love♥ with more than 1000kms of distance. I went to London & Brighton for the first time in my life: it was one of my dreams since I was a child. I've been called stupid badwords refering to my red hair because I defended with some friends a girl that was overweight. I knew how it is to don't have Christmas Holidays (and only 3 days in summer) for the first time. I felt proud of my friends, pochi ma buoni (a few but good) is one of my mottos. I went to Rome, Turin and Milan. I started this blog & started to follow other blogs and met amazing people. I appreciated the little details, the little-BIG things that are actually important. I've felt loved. I hardly remember my dreams when I sleep. But I've dreamed with my eyes wide opened, and I will continue doing it.

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Some special moments of my 2oo9

Il 2oo9... è un anno che non dimenticherò mai. Ho finito i miei studi ed avuto il mio primo lavoro reale (collegato ai miei studi) in un periodo dove la recessione è dappertutto. Quando una delle mie sorelle con una bambina di quasi 5 anni e tanti anni di esperienza, non trova un lavoro. Sono stata (e sono) innamorata con più di 1000km di distanza. Sono andata a Londra & Brighton per la prima volta nella mia vita: uno dei miei sogni da quando ero bambina. Mi hanno insultata con rispetto ai miei capelli rossi per difendere con alcuni amici una ragazza con sovrappeso. Ho saputo com'è non avere vacanze di Natale (e solo 3 giorni in estate) per la prima volta. Mi sono sentita orgogliosa dei miei amici, pochi, ma buoni è un mio motto. Sono andata a Roma, Torino e Milano. Ho iniziato questo blog, ho iniziato a seguire altri ed ho conosciuto gente incredibile. Ho apprezzato i piccoli detagli, le piccole-GRANDI cose che sono veramente importanti. Mi sono sentita amata. Raramente ricordo i miei sogni quando dormo. Ma ho sognato ad occhi aperti, e continuerò a farlo.

Happy 2o1o to ALL of you who are reading this! I wish your most wonderful dreams will come true in 2o1o.

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Buon 2o1o a tutti! Che i vostri sogni più belli si avverino nel 2o1o.

Feliz 2o1o! Que vuestros sueños se hagan realidad en el 2o1o.

I want to thank every single person that has followed, commented or readKirei Girl da Madrid. I can't believe there are already 200ppl who have clicked on "follow" this little blog!? /Voglio ringraziare ogni singola persona che ha seguito, commentato o letto Kirei Girl da Madrid. Non posso ancora credere che 200 persone abbiano clickato su "follow" questo piccolo blog!?

Also many thanks to the following girls with wonderful and inspiring blogs:

* Shopie from Diary of a Young Designer.
* Ines from Cinnamon Eve.
* Megan from ButterSunshine.
* Maria from Lulu Letty.
* Martina from Dolly Haze Ghost.
* Onic from Miss Onic.
* Maggie from Moonstruck.
* Charlotte from Another Brick In The Narwhal.
* Rebecca from The Clothes Horse.
* Clara from Sunflares Plethora.
* Amanda from The Fancy Lady Gourmet.
* Aya from Strawberry Koi Vintage.
They wrote the very first comments on my blog and I really felt so happy about that. :)

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  1. what a wonderful post! i'm so glad i found your blog :)

  2. Fantastic post, and what a great way to start the new year - by reflecting upon all the great things of 2009.

    Keep in touch


  3. The quotes you posted were so inspiring to me. I really needed them. Thank you for inspiring me without even knowing you were going to!!


  4. WOW! you're right!!! we are so similar!!! and to think you stumbled upon my blog!! our posts are almost identical!!!

    so funny...

    happy new year!!

  5. me he emocionado con este post Iris, es super bonito :)

    Espero que el 2010 te traiga todo lo que quieras!!
    Un besazo y Feliz Año Nuevo x

  6. Aww!! Have a great new year lovely!!!

  7. Felizzz 2010 guapa!!! espero que este 2010 sea de 10 y que seas suuuperfeliz!!! quien sabe, quiza es nuestro año!!!! ^^

  8. Chica you are a wonderful human being!!!

    Te deseo lo mejor para este 2010. Espero que todos tus deseos y metas se hagan realidad, recuerdad que con amor y esfuerzo todo se puede cumplir! Te quiero mucho tu amiga siempre


  9. que palabras tan bonitas! con esa actitud estoy segura de que el 2010 será fantástico para ti!

  10. Wishing you all the best for 2010 xoxox

  11. happy new year to u! just stumbled upon ur blog today and i think it's great:D i just love ur positivity:) i have the same wish for 2010:) wishing u all the best!


  12. Che belle parole! Feliz Año Nuevo a tí también!

  13. i just want to be happy too!!! feliz año guapa!


  14. this was a really great post - you sound like a wonderful person - don't ever lose that

    thanks so much for your lovely comment - would you like to exchange links?

    Happy New Year Darling!

    Stay safe and chic
    English Rose x

  15. lovely blog, happy new year :)!


  16. lovely post and your blog.
    happy new year.
    btw,i'm following your blog :)

  17. so cute. i hope you have an amazing 2010 as well!

  18. Feliz año, preciosa, espero que en el 2010 sigas tan divina y feliz como ahora... y a ver si nos cogemos un puente aéreo y nos hacemos una quedada bloggera, jajajaja!!

    Mil besos cielo!

  19. Oh dear Iris,

    THis is such a beautiful post! I love reading your recap of 2009, it's truly wonderful to see what you've been through. And I hope 2010 will bring you all that you've wished for and more:)

    I'm so glad to have discovered your blog in the past year!


  20. Que este año siga igual o mejor :)
    disfrútalo linda!

  21. Ay niña cada vez me gusta más tu blog...
    La verdad es que ha sido un año realmente importante para tí.
    Bsotes wapa y esperemos que este año sea mejor!!

  22. Happy new year!

    xo Niki

  23. verdad??? a mi me encantan ambos tambien!!!!

    un besito y feliz 2010!!!


  24. Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment! i will also follow you i love your blog it's full of amazing content and you feature the most incredible things i have ever seen love your blog, keep up the good work!am glad you had such a great time this past year and i hope this year tops last year!! am definitely going to be visiting you!

  25. Thanks so much for your comment today! :) You're right, Barcelona does look like a fairy tale! I can't wait to see it for myself!

    Have a very happy new year, I hope 2010 is absolutely wonderful for you! :D


  26. Happy New Year to you gorgeous!

    It surely seems you had such a great 2009. Wishing you more joy to come in the new year<3

  27. That poem just made my day, so true we sometimes forget to live in the moment. x)

  28. happy new year!


  29. hola guapísima!

    te voy a contar una cosita más de mi, mi novio es pelirrojo y creo que es el color de pelo más bonito que existe en el mundo! me encanta tu pelo! :)

    FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!!! y espero que sigas sonriendo y continuando con tu blog como hasta ahora que lo estás haciendo genial y me encanta!!

    por cierto! me encanta la frase del principio!!

    mil besos guapa!

  30. aii muchisimas gracias por informarme hacerca del nuevo libro de Moccia, espero que no tarde mucho en ser publicado en España! :)
    Feeliz año nuevo guapa!

  31. Sounds like an amazing year...your blog is so inspiring and I am feeling excited for 2010 as well! Happy New Year, Love! ♥

  32. thank you so much ;)

    seems you had really special year, i'm so jelaous :)

    and of corse happy new year 2010, hope it will be even better for you

  33. Preciosa!!! he estado estos días fuera de todo esto y un poco de bajona, y tengo que decirte que me ha emocionado tu gesto y me ha hecho sentir mucho mejor. muchísimas gracias por tu blog ( y te las doy de verdad), sigue así siempre

  34. those are such powerful and great quotes, dear! im definitely using it this year! :) and happy new year to you too! i wish you nothing but happiness as you brought a lot to me last year!

  35. LIke you blog! :) Love from Norway!! :D

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Thanks for all your comments - I appreciate them all. :)