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Kirei girl da Malaysia

It's been a while since I did my last Kirei girl da...

I started Kirei girl da... section to talk about blogs I love, my personal bloggers of the moment. I decided to take the name of the section from my blog, Kirei girl da Madrid, so all of them are "Kirei girl da..." (and the name of their city or country).

kirei: means beautiful in Japanese.
da: means from in Italian.

(I wanted to take an spiritual way of beautiful meaning, not outside but beautiful inside, being a beautiful person inside is more important for me. That's why I decided to take the Japanese word, since Japanese makes me feel more spiritual, quiet... makes me feel respect for others too. :-)).

I decided to write about Sher. I feel I know her for a long time... she's one of the most wonderful souls you will find in the blogs. She's definitely very kirei. :)

Beneath the Crystal Stars

- Name, age / current location - Sher, 29, Malaysia.

- Job, studies or present/ future projects? - Banker/full time dreamer.

- Famous question... why did you start blogging? - I actually started blogging when my bf had to leave to the UK for his studies. It was a way for me to show him my daily adventures and experiences over here.

- Share a special place with us - from your city or anywhere you've been and want to share with us! - We have so many beautiful islands here, one of those that I have visited before and loved is the Redang island. I love lying down on the beach, going snorkeling and becoming a beach bum, it's the best thing ever!

Sher and her beautiful sister

- A happy memory you have and want to share with us? - Due to the long distance relationship I'm having with my bf, we had to be separated for about 9 months last year before I flew to London to meet him last summer. The first time I saw him in 9 months was probably the happiest memory I have, he had surprised me by appearing at the airport. I just can't explain the mix of emotions and feelings running through my heart at that time, it felt so surreal and great just to hold his hand and be in his arms again.

- Favourite book? why is it special to you? - Oh, this is hard, I have so many favourite books. Some of my favourites discovered in my childhood days are Anne of Green Gables series and Pride and Prejudice. Through these books (and any books actually), I get to open myself to another world, another place that I can visit in my imagination anytime that I want.

- A dream - I have a simple dream. I dream of a lovely comfortable home, living with the man I love with my (future) 2 kids and hopefully having a little boutique shop of my own one day.

- Favourite artist/band & song from them-why do you love them so much? - I'm more into the singer-songwriter type. I love Rachael Yamagata and her songs like Be be your love and Elephants. Her songs are touching because she writes them based on her own experiences and heartaches, it's just beautiful listening to her music.

- Can you share with us a dish you love from your country? - I live in a country with multi-racial community so believe me when I say we have a lot of great food. Some of my favourite dishes would be the penang fried kway teow and banana leaf rice.

- Favourite item of clothing? - My Topshop prom dress, I love taking it out just to look at it sometimes.

- Last purchase? - A red blouse with bows cutouts at the back.

- Apart of fashion, what do you enjoy the most? - I definitely enjoy reading, I'm such a nerdy bookworm! Besides that, I love travelling, I'm so excited to be going to greece this summer!

- You are a very romantic person, what's the craziest thing you have done for love? - Oh well, certainly crazy by my standards when I put aside our age gap (my bf is 6 years younger than me) and agreed to wait for him till he comes back from his studies abroad. Another 1 and 1/2 year to go before he returns!

- If you ever happen to read my blog (oh well I know you did :-p)... what would you add to it? (don't mind to critisize! ;)) -Your blog is such a wonderfully sweet place for me to visit, I only wish you update more often. Oh, and another request of mine would be to have more posts of you and your bf, it's incredibly encouraging for someone like me whose also in an LDR (long distance relationship). :)

To find more great pics and beautiful posts, to know more about her, just visit and follow her here!

You can see other bloggers of the moment here.

Thanks to everybody that commented on my last post. I really appreciate that someone takes the time and comment here in my little blog. :) Thanks to every single reader.

Have a great week-end! Feliz puenteeeeee! (A los que tengáis:D).


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  1. W-O-W! Sus fotografías son impresionantes!
    Un besito guapa!

  2. ¡¡¡muchas gracias por tus ánimos!!!

    se agradece que este mundo de los blogs también sirva como una forma de desahogarse...

    y un buen post que te has marcado!!!

  3. Thank you so much, Iris sweetie! You are one of the most kirei blogger I know, inside and out:)

    Love you dear!


  4. Sin puente... y sin exámenes! :D
    Preciosa chica!

  5. Will sure visit her blog!
    Buon fine settimana!

  6. lovely style, lovely pictures!
    I like your blog!

  7. Thanks for your comment! Londen is really nice.. Like your drawnings!!

  8. Sher tiene un algo, una magia especial que la convierte en una personita adorable, ¿verdad? Recientemente yo le he pedido también una entrevista para mi blog, jeje :)
    La verdad es que yo la considero ya una amiga, es una chica maravillosa que se hace querer y, tal y como explicas al principio, es hermosa... en todos los sentidos!!
    Genial elección, reina!

  9. Fiuuuuuuuuu que preciosidad de fotos *_* pedazo entrada, es genial, y eso que solo he podido leerla por encima... que mi ingles es bastante malo y no tngo ganas de ir buscando palabra por palabra =.="
    Feliz puente para ti, que yo no tengo :/

    Un besotee

  10. Gracias por visitar mi blog (:
    ¿Es de Mallorca tu madre? ¿Tu has estado en Mallorca?

    un beso!

  11. I love Beneath the Crystal Stars, and am so glad you featured Sher - she is such a beautiful person.

  12. I love reading about various bloggers, she is beautiful and has a fantastic sense of style.

  13. Awww, she seems so sweet and wonderful! :) I can't wait to check out her blog!

  14. I didnt knew her before, thanks to knew I have new favourite blog! Oh, I made a mistake! Two favourite blogs!

    have a nice weekend! :]

  15. Thank you for your comment. beautiful pics. :)

  16. Your blog is so cute! I just stumbled upon it and I am so glad I did :D
    Sher has bags of style and it´s great to read she is also a bookworm. I did not notice the age gap in her pics with her boyfriend at all, they look beautiful together.
    A dish from her country that I would highly recommend is Nasi Goreng. It is delish!
    Féliz puente a ti también; espero que por los Madriles no esté lloviendo.

  17. Thank you for your comment! Your blog is nice too, I love your Japanese (right?) look. You're pretty populair! So much followers! Woah, I'm going to follow you to (: xx from Amsterdam

  18. hola iris!
    gracias por el post! estoy empezando y es agradable encontrarse con gente como tu!
    yo tb te sigo, muy chulo tu blog!

    nos vemos por aqi!

  19. Las ultimas fotos esta bellisimas! Muy creativas!

    Espero que te encuentres bien chica!

  20. Hola preciosa!!! muchas gracias por pasarte. Ya te dare la direccion. Un besazo

  21. ah this is lovely, sher is such a sweet person & i enjoyed very much to learn more of her.

  22. This is beautiful!

    I adore the dress! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am following you :)

    I am unsure if your follow worked on my blog :( I couldn't see you on my friends list

    Keep up the good work.


  23. q bonita la foto d la escalera!y las ultimas de la cama!estas preciosa!

  24. beautiful, or should i say Kirei post. sher seems sweet. kudos to you for crowning beautiful souls out there.

  25. you look stunning in all those photos! Gorgeous post
    great blog too!
    stop by some time xx

  26. Just to make clear I'm not the girl in the pics! It's a post about an interview I did to Sher from the blog "Beneath the Crystal Stars". I thought it was clear but some people seem to think it's me.

    Solo para aclararlo... no soy yo la de las fotos! Creo que estaba claro pero hay gente que piensa que soy yo... es un post sobre una entrevista que le he hecho a Sher del blog "Beneath the Crystal Stars".

    Thanks everyone! And yes she's great. :)

    * Ariadna: sí, mi madre es de Mallorca... aunque solo he estado allí tres o cuatro veces en toda mi vida! Ojalá pudiera haber sido diferente. :) Toda la familia de mi madre es de allí, así que aunque no haya ido mucho, obviamente es muy especial para mí, son mis raíces, siempre digo que lo de ser pelirroja tiene que venir por esa parte de la familia. :-P Besos!

  27. Muchas gracias!
    me gusta tu blog :)
    te sigo!

  28. hi,
    thanks for your comment!
    Vienna is really worth seeing, I can recommend it to you!


  29. I love her blog so much. What a great idea to nominate other blogs =)


  30. Has elegido a una bloggera sensaacional. Me encanta su blos y su estilo tan dulce.

    B* a la Moda

  31. Oh my god - I hope the spotted Topshop dress. It's GORGEOUS!



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