Italia (I) - Reggia di Caserta

EN I am back from 12 great days in Italy. :)
Royal Palace of Caserta (la Reggia di Caserta, constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples) really impressed me. I didn't know it before, and it's a wonderful Royal Palace with amazing gardens. They said they are inspired by Versalles (I haven't been there, but I read it) ones and are one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, with Versalles, Aranjuez (in Madrid) and Peterhof.
Caserta is really close to Naples so if you ever go there don't hesitate to visit the Royal Palace too!

IT Sono tornata da 12 giorni incredibili in Italia. :)
Reggia di Caserta mi ha davvero impressionato. Non la conoscevo, ed è un bellissimo Palazzo Reale con dei giardini incredibili che dicono siano ispirati a quelli di Versalles. Dicono che sia uno dei più belli giardini in Europa con Versalles, Aranjuez (a Madrid) e Peterhof.

My room, eheh. ;)

Donna - Uomo. Beautiful, isn't it?

That's painted!!

I wanted to take away this cage with me, they didn't let me do it. ;)

Soy guiri. ;) Typical Spanish girl, uh? ;) (It was great to have this t-shirt at Rome, everybody had "I (LOVE) Roma" and I had "I (LOVE) NY". :-p).

* All pics by me & bf.

How are you all?? As I said in my previous email I didn't enter in Internet in all this days and I have like tons of mails to read and things to do (apart from my job), so sorry if I didn't comment in your blogs. I'll try to be updated soon. I really want to thank you for all your comments, visits, and to all the followers/readers... it was great to be back and read all of you are still there. I will be answering you soon, I hope. :)

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  1. Ho avuto modo di visitarla tanto tempo fa con la scuola e ricordo che me n'ero innamorata...e il giardino è davvero un sogno secondo me!

  2. Uuuooooh!!! Q bonito!!! Me ha encantado. A ver si me voy yo para allá prontito... aunque de ir, aunque me pese, me iré a mi tierra, que ya ni me aucerdo de ella!!!


  3. creo que ya he encontrado mi futura casa!!

  4. Bentornata! Ya te he contestado al mail. No conocía la Reggia di Caserta, wowww!!

  5. Iris guapa!!
    No sabes que ilusión me ha hecho tu mail!
    Las fotografías son preciosas! y sí, la fotografía que has enseñado del palacio se parece mucho al de Versalles! Es precioso la verdad, fui hace unos 6 años o así y me impresionó muchísimo!
    Espero tu respuesta al mail :)
    Un besazo!

  6. aii k bonita la bella italia!! siempree hace solecitoo, k bien, verdad?? tu monisima en las fotos, para que luego digas k no t gusta salir! un bsotee^^

  7. ¿pero qué tal tu viajeeeee?

    seguro que genial, por lo pronto se ve que has visitado sitios suuuuper chulossss

    bueno, ya estás enterada de la próxima quedada, así que vete preparando para el trivial...

  8. k bonitas las fotooss!
    super guayy!
    seguro k lo pasaste geniall!
    me alegroo muchoo
    un besiito! :P

  9. Iris sweetie, so glad you had a wonderful vacation with your darling! This place is beautiful, I've been to Versailles and I must say they look really really similar!


  10. Oh my God, I´m counting days that remain to come back Italy!

  11. me encanta ver monumetos, sin embargo, playa (nnnn)!
    tu camiseta de I (L) NY es fabulosa :)

  12. I just discovered your blog and I love your style. The music on your blog is also a good thing.
    Loveee it.

    xx fesi-fashion

  13. jo pero que fotos tan chulis no??
    me encanta la cama, el reloj... pero como encontraste eso?? ya me contarás :)

    que tal por allí? a mi todavía me quedan dos examenes pero no he podido aguantar a meterme otra vez... no te puedes imaginar lo que echaba esto de menos! ni me lo creo! jaja xD

    mil besos!

    P.D. ya tengo mi dominio! jiji
    (se me han borrado los links de blogs y ahora tngo que actualizarlo :S)

    follow me!

  15. La jaula del pájaro con el reloj es lo máximo. Me encanta ..

  16. eeep i love the photos, i want to go there! the birdcage with the clock under it is just perfect (and useful!)

    and yayyyy i love your t-shirt, i've been dreaming of having one since i was about 12 xD


  17. aaaaah io AMO la reggia di caserta, ci sarò stata un milione di volte :) poi trovo che i suoi giardini siano molto più belli di quelli di versailles! adesso sto aspettando le belle giornate per ritornarci (manco da un paio d'anni) ma ultimamente nei w.e. non fa che piovere...

  18. Beautiful photos!! It makes me daydream about going anywhere as beautiful as that.. thanks for sharing and visited my blog! ;)

    Mind to exchange link?

    The Picnic Girl


Thanks for all your comments - I appreciate them all. :)

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